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Capacity is up to 300 guests

The restaurant is the first Russian steak house in St.Petersburg which now enjoys great popularity among the citizens and guests of the city. The restaurant is offering American (steak) and Russian cuisine. Rooms are decorated by Old Russian and American photos and advertising production of the 20th century. The leather furniture, convenient sofas and oak floors create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere


Capacity is up to 200 guests

The restaurant is located at the very center of the city, next to Mariinsky Theater and Yusupovs Palace. The building was constructed at the late 18th century, and the restaurant was opened here in 2006. The restaurant got its name from the famous hero of the same-name opera by Rimsky-Korsakov. The interior combines Russian traditions and modern European style.


Capacity is up to 180 guests

Club & Restaurant Gimnazya is located in the historical mansion near the Nicholas Palace in the very center of St.Petersburg. Until 1917 there had really been a women's gymnasium at the premises, which gave the name to the place. The main idea is to restore the atmosphere of aristocratic "eating-houses" which were popular in Russia at the beginning of the XXth century


Capacity is up to 120 guests

The restaurant has got its name for  the fact that the guests would be the “neighbors” of Feodor Dostoyevsky: in different periods of his life the writer rented apartments in the neighboring buildings # 11 and 13, at Vladimirsky Prospekt, and observed from his window the same roofs of these tenement-houses and gloomy courtyard, hidden by the glorious facades


Capacity is up to 84 guests

“Russian Empire” is the restaurant-museum of Count Stroganoff, due to its history and interiors is considered one of the most exclusive restaurants of St.Petersburg. Unique ware was specially commissioned at company "Versace", gold cutlery and exclusive service add to the exquisite atmosphere. Restaurant is located in the Srtoganoff Palace.