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Head Chef's Hall - capacity up to 50 guests

Restaurant Noa is the new top restaurant in Tallinn, opened in 2014, on a seafront location with wonderful views of the city and the Bay of Tallinn. The restaurant consists of 2 halls with 2 different concepts. Head Chef’s Hall is the more private and more elegant part of the restaurant where the head chef Mr Tonis Siigur, arguably the most respected chef in Estonia, puts together and prepares 5- and 7-course degustation menus in the open kitchen using only the best ingredients. Even the smallest of details are in place at Noa’s Head Chef’s Hall, so no wonder it earned the first place among the 50 best restaurants in Estonia already in its first season.


Capacity is up to 56 guests

Tchaikovsky is a unique restaurant in Tallinn where guests can feel the passion of reproducing the recipes of forgotten masters. At the end of the 18th century France's best chefs found their way to Russia. The fusion of Russian and French cuisine has given the world a symbiosis rich in flavours which can be fully enjoyed at restaurant Tchaikovsky in Tallinn. Among the many awards attesting to the quality are several top 5 placements on the list of the 50 best restaurants of Estonia as well as the Silverspoon Awards for "Best Restaurant", "Best Gourmet Restauran" and "Best Hotel Restaurant".


Capacity is up to 52 guests

The classy restaurant Ö has been the cream of the crop in the Tallinn dining scene for years. Reopened in 2014, the restaurant now continues under the guidance of two new chefs offering Estonian cuisine with Nordic twist. The focus in restaurant Ö’s cuisine is on domestic ingredients and the menu varies in accordance with the seasons. Ideas are spirited, dishes often surprising and always delicious.


Capacity is up to 90 guests in 3 halls, in summer additional seating in the garden

Soulful casual dining, Leib offers modern Estonian cuisine at its best. Its name Leib means bread in Estonian and carries a powerful message, dark bread being the single most important food on the traditional Estonian menu. The restaurateurs’ passion is to use simple Estonian ingredients to build creative seasonal menus and they have done it very successfully, being among the 50 best restaurants in Estonia ever since opening and an absolute favourite among locals as well as visitors during the summer time as the loveliest garden restaurant in the Old Town of Tallinn.


Capacity is up to 120 guests in several halls 

Reflecting on the historic surroundings of the wonderful Tallinn Old Town, Cru seeks to strike the perfect balance between classic and modern kitchen that would make the restaurant experience truly timeless. Two main halls have been renovated in keeping with the original design of the building from the 15th century and help to create an authentic atmosphere of the late Middle Ages. Outdoor terrace and courtyard offer a possibility to spend a lovely time either on the high street of the Old Town or in a quiet inner yard. Indeed the restaurant has also a wine cellar with an excellent selection.

Restaurant Farm in Tallinn


Capacity is up to 120 guests in adjacent halls

The atmosphere of a wealthy Estonian farm in the heart of Tallinn, and the flavours of truly Estonian produce as interpreted anew by contemporary culinary arts, create a cosy atmosphere in the restaurant. Panoramic open kitchen, open fire grill, use of local ingredients and fresh game, herbs and preserves, home made beer - these are some of the characteristics that invite guests to come and feel at home, the Estonian way.