Inspiration for your incentive program in Tallinn

e-estonia showroom


  • Scenery: one of the most advanced digital societies in the world - transparent, efficient and fully functional
  • Features: learn all about the benefits of smart solutions in everyday life such as checking your child's homework from the office desk, signing a legally-binding contract via mobile phone, filing income tax return in just 5 minutes, voting in general elections from the comfort of living room  etc 
  • Wow factor: visit e-estonia showroom, meet the leaders or hear the story of an ordinary person 


  • Scenery: romantic, exiting and truly historical medieval Old Town of Tallinn
  • Features: visit the 14th century Town Hall or the Great Guild, take a peak into masters’ courtyards, climb the watchtowers of the original town wall, learn medieval archery or historical dances, taste ancient remedies at the world's oldest pharmacy, enjoy a true medieval feast... and the list goes on!  
  • Wow factor:step into the Middle Ages - truly authentic experience to the last details
Medieval event Tallinn Town Hall square
Vihula manor Berliet


  • Scenery: Vihula manor, a charming 16th century estate in Lahemaa National Park on the northern coast of Estonia 
  • Features: idyllic countryside life with  horse carriage rides, picnic in the park, painting classes, visit to the neighbouring manor, sampling of local distillery's products, dining in the ball room... and whatever else your heart desires!
  • Wow factor: elegant get-away from the city, enjoy the gentry life for a day


  • Scenery: the largely untouched nature of Estonia features pre-historic wetlands, long coastline as well as vast forests 
  • Features: explore the well-kept nature by taking a walk in the bog, sea kayaking to one of Estonia's 1500+ islands, picking mushrooms, experiencing the fifth season, skating on a frozen lake,  birdwatching, hiking in a nature reserve... experience Estonia from any angle! 
  • Wow factorclose observation of unspoilt nature and suprisingly rich wildlife of Estonia
Wetlands viewing tower Endla Nature Reserve
Kajsamoor schooner Tallinn


  • Scenery: Baltic Sea around Tallinn and elsewhere in Estonia 
  • Features: re-live the Olympic regatta on the Bay of Tallinn, explore the many ports of the city on a kayaking tour, enjoy a unique sea voyage onboard historical schooner, take a dinner cruise, visit old fishing villages, learn to sail, explore the maritime museums, race the waves with RIB power boats, tour the islands, taste the coastal cuisine... sea breeze and salty waters, any way you choose!
  • Wow factor: enjoy the maritime way of life in the adventurous waters of the Baltic Sea


  • Scenery: various locations in Tallinn and the surroundings
  • Features:  speed down the racing track at the hippodrome, compete in rally driving, find your way along the abandoned forest trails in a military SUV, test your skills in a city adventure... the options for active entertaining teambuilding are endless! 
  • Wow factor: fun and excitement abound



For further discussion all of the above and any other ideas, please contact us. Our team will be happy to put together a unique program to suit the needs and wishes of your group.

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