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Via Hansa & Borealis DMC&PCO is your smart choice as the local partner for memorable events in North Europe - enthusiastic and efficient, personal and professional, smiling and service-minded with more than 20 years of experience. Creative approach in combination with the highest quality goes without saying. We will always walk the extra mile and take care of the smallest details. Whether you’re planning a product launch, award ceremony, annual dinner or kick-off event, let us prove that anything is possible!


Reclaimed buildings gaining new purpose as event locations is old news. What is exciting though, is the true story behind some of them that makes all the difference.

For example, once upon a time the main power plant of the city - today Tallinn Creative Hub. Perhaps the most amazing venue in town with its main hall - named after the original boilers of the former power plant that proudly still stand there - rising to the height of 16 meters and its landmark red brick chimney housing an excellent restaurant.
Take a look at how a gala dinner comes into being!
Tallinn Creative Hub interior
Gourmet in the forest


Primeval forest and gourmet lunch sound a bit odd in one sentence, you think? Think again, because together they make yet another wonderful memory from the Baltics.

Given the domination fo forest land at all our destinations throughout the baltic Sea region, it is no wonder that every once in a while event organizers along with their guests find themselves snowshoeing in the bog, enjoying a private concert, taking old military jeeps to new heights ... or enjoying some gourmet food prepared on the spot.

Peak into the forest beyond the trees!  



All our destinations are recognized for their characteristic historical centres - just think of the majestic city centre of Copenhagen, grand Art Nouveau districts of Riga, the beautiful Baroque in Vilnius, impressive boulevards in St Petersburg or the magical streets and squares of Cracow. While indeed nice to look at, the experience of bringing the cities alive is even more exciting.
For example, imagine yourself as the citizen of the prosperous Hanseatic trading town. Bustling with busy merchants, smelling of the rich spices that used to be some of the main articles of trade between East and West, joyful music sounding along the streets of the or the amazingly preserved medieval Old Town of Tallinn.... Time to enjoy yourself!


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