NORWAY: Welcome to Tromsø!

NORWAY: Welcome to Tromsø!

The Arctic region of Northern Norway is a simply wonderful destination for unforgettable incentive trips and creative corporate adventures.

Midnight sun or the northern lights (depending on the season), a serene arctic archipelago and magnificent mountains of Lyngen Alps are obviously the major characteristics of Tromsø. This largest Norwegian city located above the Arctic Circle also prides itself in superb dining (especially locally caught seafood) and a number of attractions labeled as "the world's northernmost" - for example the botanical garden, brewery, golf course and distillery, to name a few. 

Among the activities recommended for incentive groups, numerous teambuilding options set in the arctic wilderness take center stage. Depending on the group's size, interests and indeed the seasons, you have the choice of hiking or kayaking, dog sledding or whale safaris. And indeed fishing, big time. Given that Tromsø is historically built on fisheries and the industry remains very important today, it is only fitting to include a fishing trip into your agenda. 

One very specific fish delicacy that begins its fleeting season in the darkest days of the Norwegian winter, is the wild skrei (translates as a “wanderer”), a migratory Atlantic cod that usually resides up in the nutrient-rich waters of the Barents Sea, off the northern coasts of Norway and Russia. Each year between January and April, the mature skrei travels thousands of miles back to its brithplace, the Lofoten Islands off the north coast of Norway, to spawn. Priced for its firm flesh and lean white meat – the result of swimming all that way – it is adored by international chefs and can indeed also be enjoyed on the spot. Treat yourself to a tasteful culinary experience at the city's best seafood restaurant Fiskekompaniet in the central harbor of Tromsø, where you will find a menu filled with delicacies of the ocean, carefully prepared and presented with respect for the natural and healthy harvest.

First established in 1794, Tromsø is also notable for its history and culture. the top sights include Polaria, an arctic experience centre which can also be privatized for groups; the Polar Museum that showcases the courageous arctic explorers; the Tromsø Museum under the auspices of Norway's third largest university provides insight into Northern Norwegian culture and nature. Last not least, indeed the magnificient Arctic Cathedral, a bold modern structure with powerful glass mosaics thta dominates the cityscape.

Indeed no visit to Tromsø is complete without a ride in its iconic cable car that provides the most amazing views of the city and its beautiful surroundings. To enjoy the northern lights or the idnight sun, subject to the season, cocktails or even a banquet can be organized at the top.

On the culinary side, besides excellent restaurants, also the drinks industry of Tromsø is of interest for groups. Ludwig Mack Brewery is the northernmost brewery in the world, originally founded in 1877 and today recognized as one of the strongest brands from Northern Norway. Visit to its historical beer hall and modern microbrewery allows you to experience over 130 years of brewing tradition. By contrast, the world's northernmost distillery outside of Tromsø is a yound business but already a popular destination for visitors.

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