The Fashion Museum in Riga consists of two parts – permanent and temporary exhibitions. The museum is collaborating with the Foundation of Alexandre Vassiliev, whose collection of clothes is recognized as one of the most significant private collections of costume in the world.

The interactive permanent exhibition of the Fashion Museum can also be described as a peculiar trip onboard a "time machine" where clothes seemingly come alive to reveal its creators and the era. One can even try on a crinoline or a wig, to find out more about rococo beauty marks and 19th century fans, and other similar nuances of different periods in fashion history.

Themes of temporary exhibitions vary from elegance of 1930s to the fashion secrets of the East, putting a specific period or style into spotlight. The temporary exhibitions alternate twice a year.

In addition to the museum halls, there is also an intimate café, designed in the elegant Art Deco style, which allows for the museum visit to be further complimented by a tasting of local specialties. The café is also available for workshops, lectures and other events for small groups.

The Fashion Museum is coveniently located in the very heart of Old Riga. To find out more and to include a visit or an activity in your program, please contact our office in Riga.  

Riga Fashion Museum