The dream of flying has been on human minds since the times of the Antique Greece. Five centuries passed from the first inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci back in 1485 till the regular flights with passengers beginning of 20th century.

The first wind tunnels were projected in 1970-s and used by military. They were experimenting with the aerodynamic of the planes and parachutes. Finally in 1964 professional skydiver Jack Tiffany was the first person who flew in wind tunnel in US military base in Ohio. In 1981 the Canadian Ginn Germain received the patent and built the first wind tunnel for parachute and skydiving training. In time «Bodyflying» became an independent sport. It got even more popular after the Olympic Games in 2006, where a team from Latvia demonstrated an unforgettable air acrobatic show in a height of 25 meters.

The professional wind tunnel in St. Petersburg is located in suburbs of the city in the entertainment complex named “FlyStation”. It is one of the most professional wind tunnels in Europe. The 1700 horse power engines generate the wind speed up to 300km/h. The temperature in the flight chamber is about +22C any time of the year. The tunnel is 17m high; 4 meters are made of glass for flight observation. Flight chamber diameter is 4.3 meters wide. Lowest part of the flight zone looks like a trampoline net. Flight in wind tunnel is like skydiving from 4000 meters!

Via Hansa DMC St. Petersburg will be happy to arrange a flying course for those who look for new experiences. Receptions with demonstrations of professional skydivers can be arranged as well.

It is a great venue for teambuilding of smaller groups and can be done any time of the year. Experienced instructors prepare the participants for the flight; the briefing usually takes approximately 30 minutes. All the necessary equipment is available on site. There are some exceptions when flying is not recommended: heart problems or cardio stimulators, neck and back injuries, shoulder dislocations and pregnancy. Otherwise healthy persons have no limitations. After the flight participants will receive a DVD with their flight recorded.

For more information and program offers please contact our Via Hansa DMC team in St.Petersburg.