Tallinn - a synergic meeting place

Tallinn - a synergic meeting place

During Estonia’s EU Presidency in the second half of 2017, more than 260 meetings are being held in Estonia and while varying in content, all these events bear a distinctive mark of the host country, including some ideas that can also be used as inspiration for future projects.

The team responsible for organising the practical side of the EU Presidency, set out from the beginning to use the numerous events taking place in Tallinn as the showcase for innovation, Estonian design and nature as well as put into the spotlight the culture of the hosting country.  As for the meetings’ infrastructure, Estonia set out to make its mark binding together digital society and the forces of nature on a human scale – reclaimed power station, dynamic textiles and an art installation reflecting the actual coastal winds at any given moment are just some examples. 

So what can event organisers take away from this very special half a year and what are some of the ideas to be incorporated into your next event in Estonia?

Collage of photos taken during various EU Presidency events in Estonia