Tallinn: exciting architecture

Tallinn: exciting architecture

As far as industrial heritage and modern architecture are concerned, Rotermanni Quarter is the top address in Tallinn. Located in the very heart of the city, this historical industrial district was once the hub of factories that produced almost anything from macaroni to construction materials.

Today the remarkably restored Rotermanni Quarter is a significant landmark of new Estonian architecture and urban design, making it one of the most special areas in Tallinn. The treasured 19th century industrial site is skillfully fused with modern award-winning architecture. Although many of the former industrial buildings are still waiting to be restored, one can already enjoy the splendid results of this process. 

Among other subjects, logical topics in Tallinn would be early 20th century wooden architecture in the suburbs of Tallinn and also Soviet period for its lame residential as well as occasionally impressive public architecture.

Depending on the profile and focus of the group, we will gladly offer thematic tours as well as study visits and talks by architects or researchers. Last not least, also adventurous teambuilding activities are available.

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Photos courtesy of the Museum of Estonian Architecture.

Modern architecture in Rotermanni Quarter in Tallinn