TALLINN: Year of Maritime Culture

TALLINN: Year of Maritime Culture

2016 is designated as the Year of Maritime Culture in Estonia. Besides various exhibitions, tours and different activities, the main highlight events in Tallinn are the following:

Nargen Festival
June – September 2016 on the island of Naissaar, in Tallinn and elsewhere in Estonia

Concerts of Nargen Festival take place on its namesake island of Naissaar (Nargen) in the Bay of Tallinn as well as various seaside locations on mainland Estonia. Perhaps the most unique music festival in Estonia, the culturally diverse program of Nargen Festival ranges from traditional folk music all the way to world-class performances of new compositions.

Tallinn Maritime Days
15-17 July 2016, Tallinn, centre of the festival: Seaplane Harbour

The Tallinn Maritime Days festival is the biggest sea-themed public event in Estonia. The weekend is filled with various special tours, concerts and exciting activities for all age groups. One of the traditional highlights of the festival is the squadron voyage - a maritime parade of close to 100 ships along the coastline of Tallinn.

Birgitta Festival
11-21 August 2016 in Tallinn, ruins of the St Bridget’s Convent

The well established festival of musical theatre combines the dark charm of the medieval ruins of St Bridget’s Convent in Tallinn with the latest in contemporary musical theatre in all its variety and richness. The program includes opera, ballet, staged oratorios, ethnic-religious productions, modern dance performances, musical humour etc.

Night of Ancient Bonfires
27 August 2016, along the coastline of Tallinn and the rest of Estonia

This is an ancient heart-warming tradition brought back to life and cherished in many countries along the shores of the Baltic Sea. In the old days, bonfires were to be lit at sunset on the seashore to guide the far away sailing sailors back home. Many seaside sights and museums carry the tradition on along with concerts and other special programs. In Tallinn, open air museums in Rocca-al-Mare and Viimsi usually host major events.

For all of the above events, our team in Tallinn will be happy to give you more details and assist you in all aspects of planning your visit.