St Petersburg is a wonderful destination anytime of year but winter is perhaps the best time to enjoy some unusual fun activities. Our team in St. Petersburg will be happy to include the following (and many more!) exciting elements into your incentive program this winter:

Trojka ride

It is once-in-a-life-time chance to experience a real Russian winter adventure in the Pavlovsk Park. Guests are taken back in time to the days of Doctor Zhivago and Lara who enjoyed three horses sleighing at the famous movie based on the Russian writer’s novel. You may also warm your body with the most famous national drink and snack (i.e. vodka and blinis) while folklore musicians warm your heart. Everyone can feel the true Russian hospitality and learn Russian traditions. In case of no snow a sled to be replaced with a cart. Other traditional winter activities including skating/skiing/sleighing/kick sledding/snow-tubing are also available in Pavlovsk Park.

Driving dogsleds (only available in snowy weather)

Nowadays there is no need to go to Russian North in order to feel a participant of polar expedition or a northerner; one can find several clubs organizing driving dogsleds in the nearest environs of St. Petersburg. One of them is a place of Lembolovo located 55 km from the city of St. Petersburg.

Upon the arrival to Lembolovo guests are met by the representative of the dog nurse. Guests will learn a lot about draft dogs, about features of breeds and about their character. Draught dogs are quiet and peaceful animals, and one will have a chance to experience that. The instructions will be given on how to sweep on dogsleds; and off they will go for the route of up to 12 km at the fields covered with snow; 1 person per a sledge.  According to the clients’ wish the long route could be split into several parts. After the activity guests may enjoy hot tea and pastries.

Ice Golf (only available in snowy weather)

6-holes winter tournament can be arranged at the Gorki Golf course located 1 hour drive from St. Petersburg. Duration is 1,5 hours excl. transfers. Welcome cocktail is served for participants: glint wine with ginger cookies, hot tea with jam, honey and bagels as well as grilled sausages with sauces, pickles and homemade bread. Tea and coffee with pastries are also available during the competition. The group of 30 pax min should be divided into several teams 2-4 pax each. After the teams pick the leaders and names, they meet coaches and get instructed. Everyone would be equipped with a metal wood and balls of bright colours. Announcement of competition results and award ceremony for places 1, 2 and 3 follow.  A special prize is also given for the best team name. Optional activities include skating/skiing/sleighing/kick sledding/snow-tubing/archery, master class in blinis making, and dinner with live music/sauna at the club house.

For more fun activities samples and offers, please contact our DMC office in St.Petersburg