Via Hansa & Borealis

Nordic, Baltic and Russian destination management and hospitality

Out of the tremendous contrasts characterizing North Europe 25 years ago emerged an operation where Scandinavians, Baltic people, Russians and many others found together to lay the foundation for one of the most remarkable tourist and hospitality companies in North Europe

Via Hansa & Borealis is a leading tour operator, destination management company and hospitality service provider in a vast geographical area stretching from Iceland over Scandinavia and the Baltic countries to Russia and beyond. 

Via Hansa & Borealis is providing full service solutions in the whole North Europe and has holdings in a number of other companies and brands, hospitality service providers, hotels, online booking systems etc.

Via Hansa & Borealis and its companies and brands employ over 300 people and cater for around 200,000 guests per year.

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